Custom-Fit LONG CHEST ZIP Semi Dry Wetsuit for Women

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- Fabric Thickness:
- Hood:
- Logo Design - Left Side Chest & Back:
- Stance Color:
- Stance Position:
[01] Height:
[02] Weight:
[03] Neck:
[04] Shoulder:
[05] Chest:
[06] Waist:
[07] Hips:
[08] Body Length:
[09] Sleeve Length:
[10] Arm Length:
[11] Shoulder to Armpit:
[12] Biceps:
[13] Elbow:
[14] Forearm:
[15] Wrist:
[16] Inseam:
[17] Thigh:
[18] Above Knee Girth:
[19] Below Knee Girth:
[20] Calf:
[21] Ankle:
[22] Shin Length:
[24] Breast:

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LONG CHEST ZIP Semi Dry Wetsuit 5mm/4mm
Material: Super Stretch Neoprene


“I want to surf like its summer”


Wetsuits are a must for surfers but the truth is that we all want to surf in our trunks. Nothing beats being able to surf without having to wear a gear. Our goal is to try to to make your wetsuit surfing experience as close to that…


The concept for the LONG CHEST ZIP suit is just that.
This is your new winter wetsuit that allows high mobility and easy of wear.
The zip that runs high above your chest is designed to allow you to paddle or ride without any constricts to your back.


The neck and shoulders are covered by a flap and the long zipper closes the opening high on your chest. This prevents water from coming in from the side and assures maximum heat retention. Also the long zip allows super easy wearing and removal of the wetsuit with no stress.

This suit is for the surfers who want ultimate performance of mobility, warmth, ease of use.

Neoprene is used around the neck to prevent water entry.


Inner material is a special napped fiber. The fiber retains your natural body heat giving you the added warmth.

The outer shell is a super soft stretch neoprene. Known for its stretch. Even among the Japanese materials known for its flexibility, our material is superior in its performance.


Japanese wetsuits are already known for its high quality. What we present goes beyond just saying that we use the Japanese material. We do everything in Japan - not only sourcing the Japan made material but the actual production all in our factory. Our craft mans are the best in the industry. Nothing is machine made. They create your suits uniquely and by hand.


This model is designed for your ultimate surfing experience in the coldest weather in winter. We are sure you will be super happy with our suits!


  • High water resistance and high heat retention
  • Long neck design so you can double up by folding as well as water shield layer at the wrists and ankles to further prevent water entry.


Pointers for use;


  • When putting your suit on or taking it off, please make sure that the zip is fully opened. Do not try it half-open as this will cause the zipper to bend or break
  • Always make sure that there are no sand caught between the zipper as that will cause damage to the teeth and will not open or close properly
  • Beware of your nails when pulling the hood/neck, wrist, ankle parts when putting your suit on or taking it off. Especially to the inner layer as it may cause it to tear.




  • This Wetsuit has COLOR & LOGO DESIGN OPTIONS which you choose.
    Please refer to "The body parts for COLOR & LOGO OPTIONS" to ensure which parts are available to make choices.

  • Our Wetsuits are 100% customized from your sizes.
    To prepare accurate your measurements, please download   MEASUREMENT GUIDE   and proceed from STEP 1 to STEP 3 before taking your measurements.
    We highly recommend that you have another person take your measurements.




Our current manufacturing lead-times average 6 - 8 weeks from the customer's order date.
We cannot accept order cancellations on any custom-made items.
Please refer to our "Return Policy" for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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