About Us

StillBlue New York

Our headquarters is in New York, and we are dedicated to the production of the best performing wetsuits in freezing weather at the greatest value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best performing wetsuits designed to be worn in freezing weather, especially in the winter season of the north east United States, and offering people who love cold water surfing the most comfortable and highest performing products, at the best value.

Our Products

Our wetsuits are 100% customized and hand-made in Japan with only the highest quality materials.
Our craftsmen, with more than 35-years of experience, create each wetsuit with the greatest care at each stage of production.

Stillblue NY asks you to find your,

"Forever Ocean Blue"

Still Blue can mean a lot and it all depends on you.

"I always want to feel the wave"
"I love the wave no matter my age"
"The wave is on my mind all day"
"Enjoying the wave is my forever desire"
"I love the wave, whatever the weather”

Enjoy your STILL BLUE!


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