Custom-Fit Long Sleeve Spring Suit for Women

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- Color - Arm stripe:
- Color - Body:
- Logo Design - Left Side Chest & Back:
[01] Height:
[02] Weight:
[03] Neck:
[04] Shoulder:
[05] Chest:
[06] Waist:
[07] Hips:
[08] Body Length:
[09] Sleeve Length:
[10] Arm Length:
[11] Shoulder to Armpit:
[12] Biceps:
[13] Elbow:
[14] Forearm:
[15] Wrist:
[16] Inseam:
[17] Thigh:
[18] Above Knee Girth:
[19] Below Knee Girth:
[20] Calf:
[21] Ankle:
[22] Shin Length:
[24] Breast:

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Our two KODAWARI (Japanese for strive) is Absolute quality and Absolute experience.

With our detailed study (research) on the anatomical movement of the human body, coupled with the best cutting pattern created by our experienced sewers, this wetsuit will provide you with mobility like no other products on the market.

Product information

  • Spring suit is long sleeve + shorts combo
  • For Northeast surfers, best for Spring, Summer, and Fall. (May differ by region)
  • Neoprene Nylon material 

Protection from cold weather

The combination of the superior material and our technique in our unique stitching helps avoid water seepage and guarantees you incredible warmth.  The material is fast drying, allowing you easy care.

We use the softest material.
The cut patterns are thoughtfully calculated based on ergonomics to allow you maximum flexibility & release you from stress in your riding.

Best Fit Temperature
Water temperature: 18~22 degree Celsius, Outside temperature: 18~25 degree Celsius / Sea : 65~72 degree Fahrenheit, Air: 65~77 degree Fahrenheit.
Because of the Long sleeve + shorts combo it is best worn when the water is warm but the temperature outside is low.
Also effective in UV protection : For those surfers who want to avoid the Spring/Seagull tan!

Back Zipper
The soft materials and the full open zipper in the back allows everyone to put it on and take it off with no hassle, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer.




  • This Wetsuit has COLOR & LOGO DESIGN OPTIONS which you choose.

  • Our Wetsuits are 100% customized from your sizes.
    To prepare accurate your measurements, please download   MEASUREMENT GUIDE   and proceed from STEP 1 to STEP 3 before taking your measurements.
    We highly recommend that you have another person take your measurements.



Our current manufacturing lead-times average 6 - 8 weeks from the customer's order date.
We cannot accept order cancellations on any custom-made items.
Please refer to our "Return Policy" for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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