Custom-Fit Jacket and Long Johns for Men

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[14] Forearm:
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Jacket: 2mm
Long Johns: 2mm

It’s hard to choose which wetsuits to wear when seasons are changing. I’m sure everybody has experienced the dilemma of Summer suits being too thin in the Spring and the Full suits being too heavy for Fall.  The Jacket and Long John combo is here to solve those problems!

Long Johns are our sleeveless suits with full length pants,  perfect for when it's already warm outside but the water is still quite chilly.

In addition to the Long Johns, you can add the jacket for a ‘full suit’ like coverage but with more ease taking it on and off. When you wear the jacket over the long johns, the body will be equivalent to 4mm thickness which gives you additional warmth.

The jacket is very versatile, as its super thin weightless fabric can provide an additional protective layer from the sunlight as the outside temperature rises and sun rays start to pierce, without interfering with your paddling and riding.

Additionally, this set will give you various options on how to wear it during spring, summer and fall as you can pair your jacket over your usual board short in the summer

As the materials are lighter and softer, packing is easy and will be a great travel companion for your surf trips to destinations that might have unpredictable weather or temperature. Take it on your world tour - from the east coast US to the west coast, Europe, Australia and even Asia - you can get creative as long as you have this set.

Additional bonus - they dry fast!

A little about the functions and product

The jacket opens in the front with a zipper. The body is full Neoprene Nylon, providing super soft touch with a stretch and flexibility.
Long Johns have a velcro and a button in the shoulder for easy wear. 
It is also made with Neoprene Nylon and is 2mm in thickness. 
All our wetsuits are fully made by our seasoned craftsman and only using Japan made material. Although the surfing world already knows the Japan quality standard of wetsuits, we have gone one step further in finding the best of the best material and great craftsmans to stitch it all together. I know you will feel the difference!




  • This Wetsuit has COLOR & LOGO DESIGN OPTIONS which you choose.

  • Our Wetsuits are 100% customized from your sizes.
    To prepare accurate your measurements, please download   MEASUREMENT GUIDE   and proceed from STEP 1 to STEP 3 before taking your measurements.
    We highly recommend that you have another person take your measurements.



Our current manufacturing lead-times average 6 - 8 weeks from the customer's order date.
We cannot accept order cancellations on any custom-made items.
Please refer to our "Return Policy" for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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